Turning a page backward in time we look back at the "roots" of what is today one of the principle suppliers of fencing materials in not only the State of Montana, but the Greater Northwest.

historypage.jpg (12266 bytes)Founded in 1953, the original objective of the company was to provide local farmers and ranchers with fencing supplies at a reasonable price. We're proud to say that through the ensuing years, that basic tenant hasn't changed.

Although our employees and customers have different faces, our goal is still the same: provide the best products to the consumer, at the best possible price.

Through the years we have offered several services to our customers including such things as tires, culverts, cattle guards, barbed wire, and chain saws - to mention a few. While we can still get these products for our customers, our focus has shifted towards higher quality fencing supplies.

We pride ourselves on being a leader in several areas:

1. In the past 45 years we've continually developed better ways of preserving our wood products.  The finished products are cleaner, easier to handle, and last longer. Today a typical fence is guaranteed for 40 years regardless of the environment it's subjected to.

2. We have continually implemented new methods to minimize pollution and maximize reuse of our natural resources. By-products which were previously discarded as waste are now key components of a new industry in the manufacture of wood pellets for wood burning stoves.

3. Through close coordination with both private land owners and Government agencies, we routinely leave harvested land in better shape for the nations wildlife than it was prior to our involvement.

We're proud to have served some of the best people in the world over the past years and look forward to continuing the same service in the future.

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From the foothills of the Rockies, we wish you a good day and look forward to serving you.