Timber Management

At Bouma Post Yards, logging1.jpg (26181 bytes)we recognize that preservation of our renewable resources is mandatory in order that  future generations may enjoy the same unspoiled beauty of our Nation's backwoods areas as the generations gone before them.

With that in mind, for the past 30 years we've been involved in ensuring that areas we remove timber from get replanted in order to continue the cycle. During this time, as a result of land / timber management, we've been able to revisit some of the same areas, harvesting timber from areas previously logged over.

forested300.jpg (22884 bytes)Shown to the left is a section of forested woodland prior to seeding and replanting.  Note that in most cases, the area is cleaner of debris and underbrush following harvesting than it was prior to our involvement. As a result of the reduced underbrush, we see vast improvements in the amount of sunlight able to reach the timber floor. The result is that native grasses flourish where previously the only grasses were "pine grass" - not useable by any grazing animal. In addition, we're proud to say that in nearly 100% of the cases, we're able to access all of the timber without having to build new roads through the areas. In nearly 45 years of operations, we've built less than 2 miles of new roadways.

We at Bouma Post Yards, work closely with not only private land owners, but agencies of the US Government to ensure that all land management requirements are met, and to minimize the time the land is left without a suitable cover to prevent ill effects of erosion..

regrown300.jpg (32952 bytes)Following a relatively low number of years, we routinely see areas such as that to the right - young virgin timber standing tall, with ample light streaming through the area, enabling the grasses to maintain solid growth.

In the space of less than 20 years, these previously forested areas are once again able to support harvesting.