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We have one of the most up-to-date facilities in the Northwest for treating wood products to guarantee longer life. All of our products are treated with the Osmose CCA pressure treat method, proven to outlast many other wood preservation systems in existence today.

We have the capability to handle all custom wood preservation requests, regardless of size. Our treating system is “state of the art”, incorporating the latest monitoring methods to ensure consistent absorption.

All of our products meet stringent certification requirements imposed by State and Federal Government standards.

CCA pressure treated wood will last for decades in harsh outdoor exposures. Tests conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) wea4.gif (12161 bytes)on wood stakes treated with Osmose CCA preservative have shown a resistance to termite and decay damage for over 40 years. This independent and impartial testing agency predicts a service life for wood treated with Osmose preservative of 5 to 10 times longer than untreated wood.

How wood is treated
The nine steps to quality wood treating:

  1. Common species of wood are harvested from managed forests with minimal disruption to the environment.
  2. The logs are transported to sawmills where they are cut into lumber, timber, poles, posts, etc.
  3. The lumber, timber, and plywood are graded, kiln dried, and then moved to the pressure treating plant.
  4. The wood products are placed in a treating cylinder which is designed similar to the hull of a submarine, capable of withstanding high pressure.
    The cylinder is sealed and a vacuum is applied to remove air from the wood cells.
  5. A mix of Osmose® high purity oxide CCA preservative and water is forced under high pressure into the wood.
  6. After the wood has absorbed the proper amount of preservative, all excess preservative is removed from the cylinder and returned to storage tanks for reuse and recycling.
  7. The wood is removed from the cylinder and tested for preservative penetration and retention.
  8. The wood is stored on an EPA approved containment area while a preservative reaction takes place which bonds the preservative components to the wood making it highly leach-resistant.

Our pressure treated products are an environmentally responsible choice for a construction product. Properly processed CCA pressure treated wood products are clean, odorless, and safe to use in a wide variety of applications when used as recommended. CCA pressure treated wood, through preservation technology, saves trees, requires less energy to produce than alternative building products such as concrete, steel, and plastics, and is manufactured with renewable and recyclable ingredients.

CCA pressure treated wood is often the choice for products that allow people to enjoy nature without damaging the habitat. Such projects include camping and viewing platforms, walkways, pedestrian bridges, dune crosswalks, fencing, nesting platforms, and many others.

Let us help you build a system that will bring a sense of accomplishment. We’re here to help make that project strong, safe, economical and yet still blend into a natural habitat.



All business associated with Bouma Post Yards is conducted at the facility at Lincoln.

All business associated with Montana Manufacturing is conducted at the facility in Choteau.

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